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2. Wernick’s Aphasia – This form of aphasia is a kind of fluent or receptive aphasia, because a patient has the ability to string together words and produce speech, but is deficient in their comprehension of language and their ability to connect words with meaning (Drago & Foster, 2011). The impacted areas of the brain include the posterior area of the left superior temporal gyrus – damage often includes the auditory association cortex, impacting interpretation of spoken language (Drago & Foster, 2011). Wernicke’s area sits in the upper temporal lobe, right next to the occipital and parietal cortices (The language areas, 2009). It is largely responsible for processing heard and seen words, by matching sound to meaning; the area surrounding Wernick’s area, known as Geschmwin’s territory, contains special neurons that help process sensory information of sound, sight, and body sensations to facilitate comprehension (The language areas, 2009). Wernicke’s area comprehends word and meaning association for both auditory and visual input, as well as finding the correct words to match thoughts generated internally for speech (The language areas, 2009). Once word association/comprehension is achieved, the information is passed through the arcuate fasciculus (a thick band of tissue) to Broca’s area for expression (The language areas, 2009).

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